The Art of Veiling: Awareness


Book 1 of the Art of Veiling trilogy, a high fantasy war and politics drama epic.

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By Tantz Aerine

When Themya Daryan’s gift of magic manifests itself, family circumstances make her see it as a curse instead of a blessing. She and her widower father ask from her sorcerer uncle to apply to have it Blocked by the Realm’s Council of Five. However, when her uncle takes her there, not only does she not get what she requested, but she realises that she has more than just one gift. By the cultivation of her gift of the un- veilable unfurls a yarn of deception and crime the culprits of which are still around, still powerful, and willing to do anything from murder to war to genocide to stop the truth from being exposed.

Softcover, 615 pages

Also available in e-book format