The House

The MindPower Publishing House focuses in the publication of educational and sociopolitical books, as well as books for leisure and guides on various issues and aspects of everyday life.

Since its founding in 2005 the House’s aim is to provide professionals, parents, students and Citizens in general with books containing tried, viable and effective solutions with a capacity to apply them immediately and smoothly in their daily life and work.

The main categories of the House’s books are:

  • Purely educational, especially in ELT (English Language Teaching)
  • Sociopolitical analyses with a focus in popularized presentations of important and vital topics, breakthroughs and phenomena recorded and studied in Psychology, Sociology, Political Science and social sciences in general
  • Methods geared to education as well as other parts of daily life including administration, governance and politics
  • Guides geared to improve the quality of life and standard of living such as cook books and general savoir vivre
  • Literature, anthologies and graphic novels

Our Vision and Mission Statement

Our goal in the MindPower Publishing House is to provide practical and guaranteed solutions for every challenge and need that the educator, the parent, the student, the self-taught, and the involved citizen must meet.

All our titles are firmly based on the findings of credible, scientific research and evidence-based practices.

Our aim has always been and will be the gradual, constant and progressively increasing improvement and self-betterment of the individual in his/her journey to self-actualization.

We are avid believers in human potential and capacities if only they are allowed the opportunity and given the skills to develop and flourish, for Humanity, Global Wellbeing, Justice, Equality and, in the end, Happiness.


Although the MindPower Publishing House was officially founded in 2005 by Tanya Maria Geritsidou, its roots run a lot deeper in time than this.

In essence, the research and drafting of the first titles began towards the end of the 1980s, when it became clear to her parents, who were running the English Language School CLS, that there was a real lack of books that would be able to reliably facilitate and accelerate foreign language acquisition and English in particular.

With educational psychologist’s Olga Yeritsidou’s, her mother’s, guidance and diligence, the first streamlined curricula with specific additional content for the schools’ educators’ support are created in the period 1986 – 1989.

The first drafts of accelerated instructional learning of the English language for all levels are issued to the school’s students for the first time in 1990.

The resounding success of this first method placed the English Language School CLS at the lead of foreign language learning in its area, with consistent 100% successes of its students in all educational levels and classes that sat official ESL exams like Cambridge FCE/CPE and their Michigan counterparts, TOEFL, GRE-GMAT, etc.

In 1997-8 the first complete draft of ELT books are given to the students, bound in folders, and lesson is conducted without the help of any additional material or textbook.

The result of this experiment and trial was the stark acceleration of English language learning, trimming down the time to reach mastery from the standard average of 7-8 years down to 4. Additionally, the students mark the at the time unprecedented success of earning during the same academic year both professional Proficiency diplomas (Cambridge and Michigan) with only 4 hours of instruction a week, except during exams month. These students, that is, graduated from CLS with two Proficiency diplomas each.

So by 2005, with an abundance of consistency of results and evidence supporting the efficiency and success of these first titles, MindPower Publishing is founded and becomes the focus of all entrepreneurial efforts of the Geritsidou family.

The first official edition of Grammar on a Need to Know Basis and Composition on a Need to Know Basis sells out within the year. This allows the House to expand research on further titles, and especially on titles of psychosocial and sociopolitical analysis aiming at recording the practical realities of the education system in Greece as simply and straightforwardly as possible. Titles such as Να Με Θυμάσαι: Σχετικά με την Εκπαίδευση were also enthusiastically received and had overwhelming success.

The onset of the financial crisis of 2009-2010 and the consequent Memorandum era marked an extremely difficult period for the House, as it did for the overwhelming majority of independent businesses in Greece. The production of new titles and relevant research as it had been conducted up to then became virtually impossible to pursue.

However, social needs for sociopolitical analyses, a mapping out of the sociopolitical landscape and suggestion of solutions become demanding during the Memorandum era, and the House expands thematically into the field of political analysis and the application of the scientific method and approach to current events.

During the first period of the Memorandum era, the manner and aim of research is modified in order to collect/record evidence and to arrive to findings through various ways of examination in vivo. The result of that period was the restart of new title production in 2017 with the sociopolitical analysis and proposal ΑμεσοΔημοκρατικός Ανθρωποκεντρισμός (Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism).

During the same era the focus of the House expands into the e-book sector, including new interest in publishing graphic novels with a unique content of political, social, historical and National-International hue.

In 2020 the House expands in the area of books on Living Well, with the first innovative for their kind collection of timeless cooking recipes of Greek society and tradition for vegetarians, vegans and individuals with special dietary needs or observing fasting periods.