Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism (epub)


Authors: Olga G. Yeritsidou, Tanya-Maria Geritsidou

Direct Democracy has many times been characterized as the purest form of Democracy, but also the most utopian as allegedly, it is impossible to implement practically and wholly on the state level, for a non-secluded/closed-off country.

This book refutes this assertion by presenting a state and social Direct Democratic system that has wide practical applications and concerns a modern, western type state with every capacity for international and bilateral relations with countries that don’t have the same administrative and political system.

ISBN: 978-960-6616-48-8


Authors: Olga G. Yeritsidou, Tanya – Maria Geritsidou

A practical application of a purely direct democratic system on the state level, for western style states in full cooperation with other, non-direct democratic states and coalitions internationally.

ISBN: 978-960-6616-48-8