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MindPower Publishing House is a purely family-run business under the diligence and leadership of Tanya Geritsidou and Olga G. Yeritsidou.

“There have been several times in our lives when we were unable to find the resources and tools we needed in a manner that made us able to apply them directly, easily and reliably to make our personal or professional life easier. We created, therefore, the Publishing House in order to make them ourselves and share them with everyone.”

– Tanya & Olga

Tanya Maria Geritsidou

She was born in 1978 in Quebec, Canada and grew up in Athens, Greece. With graduate studies in Psychology, and particularly an M.A. in Applied Educational Psychology, she is a psychopedagogue, social researcher, author and founder of MindPower Publishing.

Specialized in the psychosocial Ecological Systems Theory, her research interest focuses on the effect of important and vital factors of society and history on the educational process and especially on the academic performance and competence of students and teachers.

She has been conducting quantitative research on the effect of the financial crisis and the Memorandum Era on Greek students and their teachers/ professors, using raw data from OECD’s international PISA survey.

Her research interests also include the effect of assorted inhibitory factors of psychosocial nature on the learning process, such as the effect of fear on students’ critical thinking and memory. She is also interested in qualitative research and analysis with the conducting of special educational curricula and class compositions with an aim to limit or eliminate learning difficulties but also to maximize and improve intelligence and competence in students of all educational levels.

Her goal is to facilitate access to academic excellence of any individual involved in the academic process and the limiting or elimination of the effect of any inhibitory psychosocial factor or risk relevant.

She has more than 20 years of experience with students of all ages and demographics as well as extensive experience in fast-paced seminars for professionals, educators and parents.

As an author she has written and designed several:

  • Educational books, programs and methods
  • Specially designed theatrical plays for children, adolescents and students
  • Specially designed fiction for crash course classes
  • Series of novels, short stories and vignettes in the high fantasy genre with a sociopolitical slant
  • Series of graphic novels with historical, social and cultural elements with an international audience
  • Articles in the Greek and international press with sociopolitical analyses as well as with consultation content for parents

After thorough research but also personal experience and examination in vivo, she has designed and co-authored with her mother Olga G. Yeritsidou a new sociopolitical proposal for administration on state level, with updated, truly Democratic system of governance and administration and historically and scientifically evidence-based solutions.


Olga G. Yeritsidou

She was born in 1955 in Kavala, Greece and grew up in Athens, Greece. She is an educational psychologist and a member of the Greek Psychologists Association (ΣΕΨ), a social researcher and author.

Her main research interest is the effect of education as a socialization and self-actualization tool and medium in children, adolescents, young adults and adults in general. Her eclectic approach in human development as well as the maximization of competence of the individual regardless of sex, gender, age, socioeconomic status and educational background are based on leaders in developmental, educational, cognitive and behavioral psychology such as Piaget, Vygotsky, Maslow, Eriksson, Kolbert, Skinner, Bronfenbrenner, Gardner, Bowen and others.

Based on that she developed the groundbreaking for its time (early 80s) curriculum for kindergartens which was applied with full success at the Commercial Bank of Greece’s kindergarten for employees’ children. That program was designed to bring forth maturity and advanced mental age in toddlers and preschoolers. It also was geared to prime and maximize intelligence, interests, motivation and constructive, fearless and harmonious interaction with the children’s’ environment. It also supported the natural development of the children’s personality and familiarized them with various cultural elements and facets of life.

She also has research specialty in the quantitative and qualitative research of immigrant education (1st and 2nd generation, repatriating as well as in the process of migration).

She has been part of research teams in Canada and the EU as well as research on mental health within Greece on a state level.

She also has experience in market research and the identifying of social and consumer trends.

She has written several articles in a wide range of general and specialized press on a wide range of topics, from issues of vocational guidance to sociopolitical phenomena and analyses on sociopolitical situations in Greece, the EU and internationally in general.

She has designed and conducted several seminars for educators, parents and professionals on issues related to education, mental health, on professional, personal and interpersonal interactions and relations as well as methodologies that support the uninhibited and unencumbered personal development of the individual and his/her activities.

She has also been a speaker all over Greece on similar issues and topics but also with special emphasis on the limiting or elimination of learning difficulties with discussion of a wide variety of cases.

She has more than 30 years of educational, consulting and teaching experience. From her extensive studies and experience, she has crystallized principles which she has applied to the scientific design of accelerated instructional learning methods for language acquisition (including Ancient Greek as a spoken language), as well as methods for the introduction of the individual to official education at the preschool level.

As an author, she has written psychosocial and sociopolitical studies and analyses. She has also designed and created the templates for the creation of textbooks.

Together with her daughter, Tanya Maria Geritsidou, as a result of the experiences, research and testimonials from the financial crisis and Memorandum periods, she has co-authored a new sociopolitical proposal of administration on the state level, with updated, truly democratic system of governance and administration and historically and scientifically evidence-based solutions.